Practising good ideas

Real Politic Consulting

RealPolitic Consulting understands that both community and government have a stake in social prosperity, but that progressing good ideas can get lost in translation. RealPolitic Consulting works to revitalise the shared political mandate of communities and government that is essential to our collective capacity to thrive.

RealPolitic Consulting supports:

  • government and public services to better understand and meet the needs of communities and to work authentically in their interests
  • community organisations and social enterprise to inform and influence government, shape public life and values, and master the art of the possible.

RealPolitic Consulting has expertise in delivering projects across diverse portfolios and contributing analytical, creative and practical leadership to facilitate change.

Real politics is about the cultivation of citizenship; nurturing sites of interaction where people from different walks of life can encounter one another, hold the complexities of their differences, and acquire enough of a sense of shared life to engage with enthusiasm in common ventures.

(Jackson; Badiou)

Real: authentic: pragmatic
Politic: government and civic: astute: diplomatic: ingenious

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