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Our Services

RealPolitic Consulting supports service providers to better understand and meet the needs of communities, and to design and deliver social reform.

Our services include:

Project management and support

RealPolitic Consulting leads and collaborates with diverse teams and stakeholders to deliver projects of all sizes that progress social and systems’ change for the benefit of communities.

Research and evaluation

RealPolitic Consulting assists organisations to develop an evidence base for service innovation, and administers comprehensive reviews that assess the current and potential value of social and legal programs.

Facilitation and community engagement

RealPolitic Consulting facilitates planning days, roundtables and conferences to harness community input, invest stakeholders in new enterprise, develop change management frameworks, and improve outputs.

Strategic advice

RealPolitic Consulting contributes new perspectives and provides expert advice to help leadership explore intrepid approaches, refine ideas and advance creative and achievable solutions to real world problems.

Report writing and editing

RealPolitic Consulting has extensive experience in drafting and editing multivolume reports and legal documents across various jurisdictions and targeted to audience.

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